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As you are aware -- or should be -- Projects Womens Watches generates various watch designs, frequently relying upon designers from out of watches to think of the creations. The first of them is that the $145 Mr. Mori, made by Daniel Will-Harris. Here, you have got the horns (somehow using a heart, nevertheless ) front and centre, along with it's arms carrying instead of a typical handset.

But if you would like something somewhat lighter, more whimsical, and more geometric, then the 145 Toot Sweet could be everything you need on summer time. Again, Mr. Will-Harris is supporting this layout, which will be using a trio of disks together with all the patterns printed on them, turning around to tell the moment. As much a part of contemporary art because it's a Womens Watches, I would say.

Should you prefer the colours, but are searching for something a little more cause-oriented, then possibly the 150 Pride best womens watches is your flag you are searching to fly. Again we have got disks indicating the moment, but at the rainbow colors related to, well, rainbows not to mention the pride flag. With this particular design, we have got Alex Donahue in the drawing board.

We have linked to this particular womens watches on sale over. If you like the thought but not these particular designs, then I would suggest checking out their website, as they have got plenty of really intelligent designs, and one is guaranteed to talk to your inner artist or builder.